Fine Point Communication

If you use English in any of your communication, Fine Point Communication will maximize the power of your message – in individual documents, complete publishing projects, or overall communication strategies. Fine Point Communication will also train your staff and maximize the efficiency of document handling for your entire enterprise. Fine Point Communication provides outstanding outsourcing solutions, when you need them.

External Communication

Your face to the world

We see the big picture and capture the essence of your organization in letter‐perfect English. We create original content for newsletters, websites and social media, brochures, annual reports, books – anything that requires faultless English. Or we can put it all together, planning and implementing projects or a wide‐angle communications strategy. 

Internal Communication

In touch with your employees

We enhance employee communication with intranets, enterprise social media, and employee guides. We train your staff in custom‐designed workshops in English writing and grammar and Microsoft Word. Through Word templates with enhanced functionality, we optimize overall productivity in document handling. 

Project management

From idea to delivery, we manage any publishing project, concentrating our in-depth knowledge on concept development, content creation, scheduling, quality control, design, negotiations with vendors, and delivery. As consultants, we can improve your existing publications and increase quality and efficiency. 

Communication strategy

We develop and implement communication strategies that optimize your use of the Internet, social media, newsletters, publications, marketing, and press relations, as well as internal communication. We help you promote your products and events, publicize your activities, and spread your message through astute dissemination.


We go beyond translation (Danish–English/German–English) by assuring that the tone and idiom fit the document’s purpose precisely. The result is text that flows with a contemporary sense, mindful of the original’s intention.

Automated documents

We develop complete solutions to handle repetitive tasks, such as formatting or quality control, in recurring documents. Style guides generated for your corporate branding policy and specialist vocabulary ensure consistency across your entire enterprise. 

Workforce development

In an electronic workplace, learning is a neverending process. We will train your staff in customdesigned workshops that address realworld needs in English writing and grammar and MS Word.

Technical writing

In collaboration with your developers, we document your project, whether a computer program or a large-scale industrial process. We write user guides that are clear and user friendly, adding value to your product and reducing calls to your help desk. 

Scholarly publishing

Through in-depth editing, we ensure that the language of your academic manuscript meets international publication standards. We gear our editing to accommodate the style guide of the journal to which you’re submitting. 

Social media

We harness the power of social media by determining the best medium for your purposes: managing relationships with current and potential customers, establishing team sites for project-specific collaboration, both in- and outside your company’s network, or making the company intranet a two-way communication vehicle, among the many applications of social media. We get you started and provide content. 

We create or improve content in a wide range of applications.


newsletters | magazines | annual reports | catalogues | books | academic manuscripts

Electronic media

websites | blogs | social media | company intranets


reports | correspondence | business plans | white papers | case studies | employee handbooks | training manuals | company histories | tenders, offers, and estimates | forms | grant applications | labels and packaging | speeches and scripts

Marketing and advertising

advertising copy | marketing materials | brochures | sales letters | press releases | newsletters | product demonstrations | PowerPoint presentations

Technical writing

user guides | technical documentation | technical handbooks user‐interface screen texts

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